Advanced Computer Cooling is on the cutting edge of server cooling. Imagine the savings of your electrical bills if instead of cooling an entire server room you only had to cool the heat producing components inside of the server. For many companies two of the greatest expenses are personnel and electrical costs. How much money could you save with a 40% reduction in your electrical server costs?

Our technology is most flexible on the small to medium size server rooms. To maintain a competitive edge in the global market energy costs are a continuing and significant worry for all progressive companies. Each technological improvement seems to also be associated with an increase of electrical costs and a decrease of your bottom line. We at Advanced Computer Cooling recognize the importance that with every dollar you save on electrical costs is one more dollar of profit for your company.

Server room cooling continues to be one of the most expensive problems in the IT community. We at ACC intend to change that. Our patented technology can be applied to all server types. In doing so, our technology will save money across the board from the small business, single server to the huge server rooms. Another application of our patented server technology is the ability to increase temperatures inside the server rooms themselves. By increasing the internal temperatures from 65 to 75+ degrees you will have an associated decrease in costs. Our technology is flexible enough to cool the servers directly or indirectly.

Another business possibility is retro-fitting of the existing servers. Studies have shown that the cooling of server rooms is generally more expensive than the servers themselves.

High-End Gaming & CAD

Advanced Computer Cooling supercharges your computer giving you a quantum edge. By keeping the temperatures down we increase overclocking speeds on both your CPU’s and video cards. We can increase your overclocking and efficiency by 25 – 45%. Our technology takes care of all condensation/dewpoint worries. Our patented technology runs 24/7 no matter how hot or humid the outside environment is. A side benefit of our technology is decreased rendering time, CPU and video card temperatures down to 40° F and increased life expectancy.

High-end Gaming

True high-end gamers feel the need for speed; to leave the competition in the dust. We take your Honda Civic and turn it into a Ferrari. By lowering the temperature down to the 40’s, your overclocking speeds will increase 25 – 45% depending on the CPU and video cards. Our product is unique in the fact that it can be applied to both the CPU and video cards simultaneously. Using Advanced Computer Cooling patented technology you will be able to compete 24/7 without breaks and keep light years ahead of the competition.

CAD Users

By using our patented technology on your CAD computer, your hardware will have 25 – 45% greater efficiency. It will actually keep up with your software. Your CPU and graphic/video cards will work longer, cooler and faster with the result of greater productivity for you and your projects. With Advanced Computer Cooling you have the flexibility to cool both CPU and video cards as you need either together or separately. As you may know by lowering the internal temperatures down to the 40’s condensation and dewpoint issues arise. With Advanced Computer Cooling technology this is no longer a worry. We make your computer work as hard as you do.

Quiet Computer

As a significant side benefit of our patented technology, we have decreased one of the most insidious, stress-producing environmental issues – noise pollution. Our workstation computers sometimes have three, four, five or more fans in them cooling the CPU and video cards creating a constant subconscious irritation and annoyance. Our patented technology allows you to remove most if not all the fans and heat sinks from your tower computer. Remember Advanced Computer Cooling directly cools your CPU and video cards temperatures down to the 40’s making the fans and heat sinks a thing of the past. With our patented technology it’s time to get back to the quiet enjoyment of working on your projects instead of fighting off the constant noise of your computer 40+ hours a week.

 Future Markets

The expansion of our future markets are based on only one simple proposition – Do your micro-processing electrical components produce heat and need cooling?

A sample of our future markets includes laptops, game consuls, military hardware, telecommunications and consumer electronic appliances. Any heat producing microprocessor that requires cooling would benefit from our patented technology.

Laptops & Game Consoles

Miniaturization would be the key for laptops. With simple engineering, directly cooling the CPU and video cards, to room temperatures would be achievable. In gaming consoles such as X-Box and Wii, two markets exist, one market is the simple application of our patented technology on the component keeping the temperature around 80 – 90 degrees. Doing this will increase the speed, efficiency and playability of the gaming consoles. Another great possibility is to apply our technology along with our condensation protection to lower the component temperatures into the 40’s. By doing this you can greatly increase the speed and graphic capabilities of the components. Our technology would allow gaming manufacturers to place the hottest, newest, most up to date graphic applications without heat concerns. Our technology would supercharge any gaming console it touches.

Military Applications

The military applications are endless. Our technology is reliable and dependable in any environment. Because we cool components internally and individually the external environment would not be an issue. Whether it be 120 degrees in a foreign desert, or 120 degrees inside a tank our technology does the job.


By using our technology on telecommunication routers and switchers, you create much longer life and greater efficiency. Maintenance costs go down and telecommunications savings go up.

Consumer Electronics

In the realm of consumer electronics we are only limited by our imagination. From the newest plasma televisions to high-end home theater systems any consumer product where microprocessing heat is an issue, ACC will be the solution.