Higher Efficiency for Hot Liquid Cooling

Our patents solve the issue of condensation.

In a hot liquid cooling system for data centers, the liquid must be kept within a specific temperature range. Too hot and the chips will overheat and fail. Too low and you risk going below the dew point and causing condensation.

If the temperature gets too low, the only current solution is to heat it up. Heating the fluid to keep it above the dew point costs money and energy. By using our patents, you save a significant percentage off of energy usage and therefore money.

Our patents solve the issue of condensation with a two pronged approach of moisture wicking and water barrier protection.

This allows the working temperature range of the hot liquid cooling system to be greatly increased and eliminates the worry of going below dew point. This is especially valuable when the data center or even individual cabinest are at low load or standby mode and not generating much heat.

Let’s say you spend $10M in your data center to heat the liquid; by using our patents you put that $10M back in your bank account.