Cooling the parts that make the heat

Our technology allows liquid cooling BELOW the dew point.

The value is:

  • Allows you to raise data center room temperature 20 degrees or more, creating greater energy savings
  • Goes below dew point (room temperature) to specifically cool the CPU to optimum temperature.
  • By going below dew point you keep CPU temperatures stable, extend the life of electronic components, run at maximum efficiency, and achieve 97-98% greater electrical savings.
  • Provides protection from condensation with patented water barrier and condensation elimination while using existing water block equipment.
  • These are core patents and are separate and unique from immersion cooling.

Water cooling has long been known to be the most effective method, but it can only be cooled a little before condensation appears and starts dripping all over the equipment.

Condensation Issues Resolved

Our technology solves the problem of condensation by creating a patented water barrier and system to safely remove condensation. This keeps the microprocessors running smoothly even in the most punishing of conditions, including a hot data center.

Decrease Electricity Costs

  • Allows you to raise the data center temperature up to 20 degrees
  • Eliminate the need for hot aisles and fan walls
  • Better utilization of space by allowing greater component density

The Next Logical Step in Liquid Cooling

Advanced Computer Cooling is the only system that resolves the condensation issues that occur when cooling liquid is chilled below the dew point.

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