Do you need to decrease the electrical costs for your server rooms?

With our technology you no longer need to cool an entire room to protect the heart of your business.

Water cooling has long been known to be the most effective method, but it can only be cooled so much before condensation appears and starts dripping all over the equipment. As everyone knows, water and electrical components don’t mix.

Our technology solves this problem. It allows water cooling below the dew point while keeping condensation from damaging the electrical components. This keeps the microprocessors running smoothly even under the most punishing of conditions, including a hot server room.

During testing, we lowered the temperature of the water cooling system so low that we had icicles forming off of the input tubing! Even with this extreme the computer was fully protected from moisture and performed perfectly for the duration of the test (two weeks).

This technology reduces energy consumption because it only needs to cool the components that produce the heat and not theĀ entire room.

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